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Autor Derluyn, H. ans Moonen, P. and Diaz-Gonçalves, T. and Cnudde, V. and Carmeliet, J.
Jahr 2014
Titel Salt damage risk prediction for porous limestone
DOI 10.5165/hawk-hhg/250
Link Datei:4 SWBSS-2014 Derluyn etal.pdf
Bemerkungen In: De Clercq, Hilde (editor): Proceedings of SWBSS 2014. Third International Conference on Salt Weathering of Buildings and Stone Sculptures Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels, Belgium, 14-16 October 2023, S. 49-58

Eintrag in der Bibliographie

[Derluyn.etal:2014]Derluyn, H. ans Moonen, P.; Diaz-Gonçalves, T.; Cnudde, V.; Carmeliet, J. (2014): Salt damage risk prediction for porous limestones. In: Hilde De Clercq (Hrsg.): Proceedings of SWBSS 2014 3rd International Conference on Salt Weathering of Buildings and Stone Sculptures,KIK-IRPA, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage Brussels 49-58, 10.5165/hawk-hhg/250Link zu Google ScholarLink zum Volltext


metastability limit, NaCl, supersaturation, salt damage


We present a model coupling heat, moisture and salt transport, salt crystallization, deformation and damage in porous building materials with the aim of predicting crystallization-induced damage. The model performance is illustrated by simulating the damage caused by sodium chloride crystallization in a porous limestone. The results are compared with experimental observations based on neutron and X-ray imaging, showing a good agreement. The effective stresses that can cause damage are the result of the crystallization pressure combined with a sufficient amount of precipitating salt crystals in a localized zone. Keywords: salt crystallization, salt damage, porous media, FEM modeling

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